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Healthcare Project Consultancy


MultiEdge also specialises in provision of consultancy services for healthcare projects . We have experience in setting up a number of healthcare projects in Mauritius including a 200 bed state of the art, private hospital, a hi-tech medical laboratory, centres of excellence (cardiac care, orthopaedics and mother and child), specialised units (oncology and kidney transplant) as well as wholesale pharmacy distribution, satellite medi-clinics and a nursing school amongst others.

Expertise relating to healthcare projects

  • Highly customable solutions depending on client requirements

  • Design of fully-fledged healthcare facilities, specialised units/departments, medi-clinics,standalone specialised units (e.g. specialised oncology units,specialised cardiac units, specialised ENT units), laboratories,centres 

  • Concept, functional and architectural designs

  • Financial feasibility, business strategy and planning

  • Financial Management (CAPEX, Implementation,Cash Flow, Funding, Project Accountancy

  • Project Management

  • Operation management advisory

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